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Welcome to the Lean Health Network


The Australasian Lean Healthcare Network (ALHN) is a not-for-profit organisation, established in 2007 to promote the application of Lean Thinking to the healthcare environment. The network provides a conduit to bring together the experience, learning’s and outcomes from across the Australasian healthcare sector.

The Network is affiliated with Lean Enterprise Australia a not‐for‐profit organisatiofinaln devoted to the spread of knowledge and information about Lean Thinking and its applications. We provide opportunities for Australasia's Lean Thinking and Redesign healthcare community to learn, share and network.

We acknowledge the value of learning from industries outside of health and actively seek opportunities to collaborate with the manufacturing and service industry community. To date, the primary activity of the network is the annual Australasian Redesigning Healthcare Summit, Australasia's premier Redesign event for healthcare. This event is renowned for assembling a diverse group of global experts and making them accessible to our delegates through varied learning experiences.

Other activities undertaken by the ALHN include

  • Facilitation of Lean Thinking and Redesign Workshops
  • Promoting and coordinating visits of Lean Thinking experts to healthcare organisations across Australasia
  • To support and promote local networking communities and activities
  • Connecting network members with redesign and Lean thinking experts based specific to the member's needs
  • To act as a clearing house for relevant resources
  • To keep members abreast of international and local developments
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What is Lean thinking?

Lean Thinking is a continuous improvement approach where all improvement aims to add value for the customer or in the case of healthcare, the patient.

Coordinated effort across the whole patient journey delivers measurable improvement in quality and the timeliness of care and in the satisfaction of the staff involved.

Lean Thinking was originally developed by Toyota and is now incorporated into modern manufacturing and services industries of many kinds.

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